Home Sweet Haddonfield Home - Soot Free Candle


L.E. 20 Candles

Extremely Limited Variants blind bagged in our Soot Free Candles.

Bring the smells of fall weather indoors with "Home Sweet Haddonfield Home" Scented candle

Soot Free - Eco Friendly Formula burns cleanly not leaving behind any residues in the air and in your home!

List of Variants:
1/05 - le 5 only available in the candle!
1/1 - le 1! 1 of a kind only available in the candle! 1/20 chance
14 - random variants (Yellow, White, Red, or Green Moon)

Pins are Shrink Wrapped + Foiled. Minor Wax seepage may occur. Just wipe that shit clean.

Once Pin becomes exposed break free from remain wax to prevent any damage.
About 1/2" from bottom of candle.

Candle Total Burn Time of 18+ Hours
2.5 0z Wax