STS Charity Pennywise Balloon Pins


CHARITY PINS! Donate to a great cause! Your $25 can help a family in need!

I have designed this pin set for Stop The Stigma in order to raise funds for their cause. They will have these on hand for their events and I will be selling a small portion online and at shows. All proceeds are given directly to Stop The Stigma.

1.5" - 1 soft enamel and 1 glow in dark for $25 shipped. All proceeds going to

You can read their mission statement below:
Stop The Stigma (STS) is a Texas non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating the stigma society places on mental health issues through educating the public and by offering financial assistance to those who are in need of counseling services. It is 100% volunteer based and jointly governed by a small business owner, a nurse, and a licensed counselor. Stop The Stigma contracts with counselors who agree to offer discounted counseling sessions to individuals being assisted by STS. This discount along with donors' support allows low income individuals to obtain counseling for as little as $25 a session.

To date, Stop The Stigma has financially assisted in over 550 counseling sessions for individuals who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, victims of child sexual abuse, victims of human trafficking, and those suffering with mental health disorders.

Art by: STS Foundation + Dom Victor